True For Life, Stupid Till Death


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From StoneAge Records:
"So it's kinda suprise knowing that Toro would allow me to release this stuff into this netlabel. In fact that we know Amukredam is going regional now lol!. And after using a media known as internet, yes it reveals that this collective is led by two people! Two guys in xBreakxEdgex are actually the guys who are on Sailboat Records, Toro Elmar and Emil Raji.
As we know that these two heads are actually never related into any powerviolence or fastcore band previously. In contrary they are active for such emo bands, yea you know A City Sorrow Built, Amukredam, Hikari Todo, etc. But this stuff is like a groundbreaking as they tried to escape from what is called a safe zone and yet they chose powerviolence! Ok the first track to be played is "Dick Tattoo", thick guitar layer and powerful drumming blast of Toro Elmar could give an "amen" for this chaoticly composed EP. A "positive" lyrics written along the ep. What "positive"? Now have a look this shit "Under 18/Claims The Fucking Edge/Middle Fucking Class/Never Out of Cash" Kids can suck this shit!
As described, I could say that xBreakxEdgex is when Punch were playing under the influence of a wild side of Pig Destroyer."


released April 22, 2014

All music is arranged by Emil Raji & Toro Elmar
Lyrics by Emil Raji & Toro Elmar
Recorded at Granada Studio on December 2013
Mixed and Mastered by Emil Raji

This record rights is under Creative Common License
and published by StoneAge Records


all rights reserved



XBREAKXEDGEX Jakarta, Indonesia

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Track Name: Dick Tattoo
These sleeves aren't enough
must get a dick tattoo
at the corner shop
billed to credit card
5% tax
must get a dick tattoo
i'm a fucking man
Track Name: Edger Wedger
under 18
claims the fucking edge
middle fucking class
never out of cash
addicted to porn
claims the fucking edge
you fucking little shit
hardcore's fucking jack
Track Name: Virgin Cunts
Virgin cunts
all you fuckin want
Trophy fuck
You're the fuckin cunt
Track Name: Commodify Rebellion (Live Recording)
buy our fucking shit
these jeans are fuckin cool
you're so fuckin different
another total fuck

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